• David Winn-Morgan
    David Winn-Morgan
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    As a business broker, I usually deal with at least three, but sometimes as many as five solicitors during the course of one business sale. I have had the pleasure of dealing with Bob Jones now for over ten years. We have worked on numerous sales during that period, and some that have been extremely…

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  • Richard Headen
    Richard Headen
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    Thank you for helping us with the restructure of the company and lease negotiations. With your help we have a much better grasp on the financial controls which has improved profitability. Your advice and assistance gave focus to the areas we needed to address and you have put in place the agreements we needed. Richard…

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  • Company Director
    Company Director
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    We have a number of directors/shareholders and were aware that we should have something in place confirming the arrangements about finances, capital invested in the company, controls over the shareholdings and decision making in the company but weren’t sure how we did it. Bob explained it all clearly and took us through it and drafted…

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  • Peter Cannard
    Peter Cannard
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    Thank you again for all you help with the sale of my company. You certainly made it a lot easier! Peter Cannard owner of Cannard Computing Limited

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